Sunday, December 09, 2018

Radius vs. 26.4m cars

The shipment had a circle of large radius K-track which I'm planning to use in the helix for the Murrbahn project. I had some concerns about clearance in the helix with long passenger cars, but as we can see this will work just fine, even for exact 1:87 scale cars. The cars shown in the photo are 1:93 scale length-reduced. The double track is 55.3cm and 61.8cm radius respectively.

I also got some curves at 90cm radius as used with the large radius Marklin turnouts. The cars look really nice with this large radius. I originally planned to use 90cm as the minimum radius on visible track when planning the Murrbahn project. Even though the room is quite spacious, doing so has been challenging. Since the crew is on the inside of most curves, I can go a bit tighter while still mostly maintain this nice look. We'll see how this will all play out once I get to that stage.

Meanwhile these cars are safely packed away since they look terrible on the tight radiuses used on the Welztalbahn.

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