Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Dave Park's Cumberland West - Western Maryland

Busy times at George's Creek Tower. Extra 185, the Frostburg Mine Turn is switching the mine at George's Creek in the Cumberland Narrows and has the rear of the train protected with a flag man. Meanwhile Extra 61, the Alphajet 12 manifest, creeps onto the scene and keeps their distance from the flag man.

My second assignment of the evening is Extra 174 with the Barnum Mine Turn, delivering empty coal cars to the mines in Barnum, and returning to Knobmount Yard with loaded coal cars later in the session. After several delays around MY Tower and Knobmount Yard, 174 got moving only fairly late in the session.

174 has reached Barnum and I'm happily replacing loaded cars from the mine with empty cars I brought up from Knobmount. This photo was taken at the end of the session. I finished the switching here, and then tied up in the yard at West Virginia Junction for the night.

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