Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Dave Parks' Cumberland West - M Y Tower

Tonight the Western Maryland is in operations and I'm working MY Tower. I'm guessing despite it's financial troubles the WM is paying its operators reasonably well. Or maybe the operator found a decent car loan to pay of the family car from their meager salary.

Either way, my work place is located near the tower across the aisle at Dave's work bench. The Western Maryland ran on Time Table and Train Order, so I was busy for most of the evening writing orders and clearances, setting turnouts, and organizing the flow of traffic through this busy junction between Knobmount and Ridgley Yards.

Antique meets Modern. I spent a lot of time on the phone with the dispatcher tonight, copying and reading orders. The tablet controls signals and the turnout right next to MY tower, which is in an awkward position and I'd collide with Knobmount Yardmaster all the time.

A fun session with lots of traffic and just a bit more exposure to TT&TO operations. It got really late tonight, so climing out of bed the next morning was a challenge.

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