Friday, March 29, 2019

Silicon Valley Lines: March Ops

Tonight's ops session at Silicon Valley Lines was very well attended, with several guests visiting for the first time, which posed a little bit of a challenge to pair them up with a club member for their first couple runs. I ran with a guest, too, and we drew the Paso switcher, which had a bit of work to do.

Later in the session I drew the Hallelujah Paper Mill switcher which was a good match, since it allowed me to help others with technical problems without leaving a train unattended in a siding or on the main line. This was also the first time that I ran this job during an official ops session.

We start with some cars in the mill yard, and various cars spotted around the paper mill.

After I pulled all cars from their spots and dropped them in the mill yard on tracks 1 and 2, train 380 arrives with 16 cars for the mill.

The road power of train 380 switches the incoming cars into tracks 3 and 4 of the yard, and picks up the outgoing cars from tracks 1 and 2. Conveniently, this happened pretty late in the session, so there was no traffic on the main line and 380 could leave the tail end of the train with cars not going to the mill on the main line.

After 380 had left Hallelujah, I got back to work, moved the incoming cars from track 4 (the runaround track) to track 1, and started switching cars to their respective destination spots.

This session ran very late with lots of good energy in the layout room,

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