Saturday, April 06, 2019

Daffodil Hill

On the way back to Sutter Creek we stopped at Daffodil Hill, a ranch that normally is open for a couple weeks in the spring for visitors to enjoy the view of hundreds of thousands of daffodils on a hill behind the ranch buildings. Unfortunately, on the first weekend of the season this year they got overrun by thousands of visitors, overwhelming the ranch facilities as well as leading to traffic collapse on the roads in the vicinity. The crowds didn't stay on the path and walked into the flower beds, a pattern that's an all too common refrain heard from other locations, too. As a consequence, the family owning the ranch aborted this year's season and is considering alternative approaches for crowd management.

We took a couple photos from the gate and the street, and got a glimpse of the hill. It's a beautiful setup, and I can't imagine that a visit with the crowds would be nearly as enchanting as our view from the fence line.

Several peacocks are hanging out on the grounds and we got to see some really nice wheels.

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