Friday, August 30, 2019

Untergroeningen: Segment 1 closed up

I spent some time today to work on segment 1 of Untergroeningen station, shaping the module frame towards the Fremo face place, closing up the openings next to the track with pink foam, and installing the puko strip for the Raiffeisen siding. Chester was watching and made sure I'm not doing anything silly.

The Raiffeisen track is curved and needs to be perfectly aligned at the module boundary, so I decided to use the traditional puko strip installation method soldering the strip to screws on the track center line.

I had already cut the track a few weeks ago and installed the turnout and respective stub on segment 2, so all that was left to do here was finding the center line, setting the screws, and soldering the puko strip. Just enough time between coming home from lunch and getting dinner before heading out to SVL to get this done.

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