Saturday, August 22, 2020

RSD-5: From CNW to SVL

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The RSD-3/4/5 is one of my favorite American locomotives. Alco sound and the very distinctive cab shape come together for an unique locomotive. Atlas recently came out with RSD-5's painted and lettered for the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad with a built-in LokSound Select decoder. The CNW herald is only on the cab sides, and there is small CNW lettering on each end. A perfect starting point for relettering the locomotive for SVL.

Tonight I first played with the locomotive on the roller stand. Sounds good.

Next I took 1665 and its cousin 1667 over to the work bench and used a glass fiber pencil to carefully scrape off the CNW markings.


Finally, I mixed a green tone that's reasonably close to the CNW green from Modelmaster Coach Green, Engine Black, and Prussian Blue, and fixed up the shell areas where I scraped off not only the markings, but also the paint underneath. The brush marks are visible on the shell, but once the new decals are applied, and I weathered the locomotive, they'll disappear among the other gunk.

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