Saturday, November 21, 2020

Before and After

My workbench has been an unmitigated disaster for many months now.

Half-finished, started, abandoned, and stalled projects were piling up and collecting dust in a corner of our dining room. I'm truly thankful that my wife hasn't put me in the dog house yet. With the Silicon Valley Lines events wrapped up for the year and a holiday week coming up, this weekend was a good opportunity to clean ship. I threw out what I no longer needed, sorted and packed away what I don't need right now, and organized projects for the near future.

The following might make an appearance on this blog soon:

  • FREMO LocoNet boxes and LocoNet cable tester.
  • Weathering the two RSD5 for Silicon Valley Lines.
  • Two Accurail car kits and three Bowser car kits. I showed some of these before.
  • A livestock car kit from RST Modellbau.

Here's the cleaned up and organized workbench. Let's see how long I'll manage to keep it this neat.

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