Sunday, March 28, 2021

Coyote Ridge Hike

The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority opens the Coyote Ridge preserve at the east end of Bailey Rd only a few times a year. Normally, they only offer docent-led group hikes. However, due to COVID they switched to a reservations-only model and we got to enjoy a self-led hike with very few people around us. We used the opportunity to take it very slow and enjoy plants, animals, and the views. 

The climb from the parking lot to the top of the ridge via the switchbacks is strenuous, but spectacular due to the wildflowers in full bloom and the many Bay Checkerspot Butterflies.

The trail along the top of the ridge meanders between the rolling hill tops, and has some nice views. It's mostly flat and provides some welcome respite and variety.

A great way to spend a Sunday morning.

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