Thursday, March 25, 2021

Solar System Refresh

Back in 2007, we installed our rooftop solar system. The SolarCity installer told us that we should plan on replacing the Xantrex Inverter after about 10-12 years. It lasted 13 years and finally died last fall. Tesla gave us a pretty good deal on a replacement inverter and in early February, our new Delta inverter went online.

I'm still waiting for the Tesla gateway to arrive so we can set up remote monitoring. Meanwhile, I'm checking in on the system from my phone using the inverter's Bluetooth connection. The app I use is called Delta M Professional. It is quite bare bones, but gets the job done. Our system is still producing 3 kW at peak, the panels are holding up well in year 14. In the afternoon we have some shading from one of the trees in the backyard, hence the uneven downswing of the power production curve. This will get better in the summer months when the sun is higher in the sky during the afternoon.

Yesterday was a pretty good day with clear skies and we produced over 18 kWh, which is roughly inline with March historic production.

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