Monday, November 27, 2006

cleaning track...

Amazing how grimy old track can be. Yuck. I used a dry scotch brite cloth to wipe off all the dust, oxidation and dirt from these old brass rails. First with the green side to scrape off the big stuff, then with the yellow side to wipe off any leftovers. low and behold, it worked on the first try.

I cleand four straight pieces of track and within minutes the old "Krokodil" was going up and down the track powered by a 9V block battery held right against the rails. HO track is just wide enough for the connectors of the battery to fit.

This worked so well, I cleaned a dozen curves and set up a little oval on the table. After a few rounds of sputtering the track was clean enough that the locomotive was running around in circles just fine. Exciting!

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