Sunday, November 26, 2006

Model railroading...

So, over the weekend I had a good conversation about model railroading (and railroading in general), which made my heart ache with the thought of the really nice Maerklin layout we have at my parents place back in Germany. I pulled out the only electric train stuff I have in the house here, the "FischerTechnik Bauspielbahn", a Fleischmann track based trainset my father bought for me and my brother a long, long, long time ago. I must have played with this the last time maybe 20 years ago. To my surprise the one motor left in the two locomotives is still working just fine, including the familiar whining sound it always had. No idea what happened to the other motor.

Just the rails ... oh boy. Brass track. No conductivity at all. Zip. I learn from a Google search that brass track is the worst. Lots of oxidation of the non-conducting kind. ok, looks like in order to make this work, I'll have to clean the track ... somehow.

Reading up on cleaning blocks, and various other methods serious railroaders recommend is ... pretty cool. Doesn't really apply to my situation, though. Heck, this is not even a real layout or anything. Either way, I'll give this cleaning idea a shot on a few pieces of track. Just for fun.

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