Sunday, November 05, 2006

kde kamera DOES support disconnecting and reconnecting the camera

... it's just not obvious.

I use KDE's kio_kamera to download my photos from our Canon Rebel Digital SLR. Whenever I connect the camera a new USB address gets allocated and we end up with a URL like this:

camera://Canon EOS 300D (normal mode)@[usb:001,006]/

The camera icon on the desktop eventually takes me to camera:/, which is an overview page of configured devices. When I plug in the camera, this page always comes up with links to the usb address when the camera was first plugged in that day (usually usb:001,004), so I can't just click through. Annoying. More annoying is that many pages under camera:/ are cached, so it appears to be working until I get to the actual images folders and then get "port not found".

In the camera:/ location, refresh the page, then continue. Simple as that. Now, if I could get kio_kamera to do this for me...

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