Sunday, March 30, 2008

A raised planting bed in the garden

As planned I built a raised planting bed right after we came back from Germany. It came out really nice. I used an article from Sunset for the material and general idea. The bed is 8x4ft and a good 1 foot high. I used pressure-treated fir instead of redwood, since it's made for soil contact, and will last longer than redwood. It also was much cheaper. All that's missing now is the planting dirt.

Here are some more pictures

Where do I get 32 cubic feet of bulk dirt in the South Bay? And how do I get all that dirt to my house?

Home Depot is selling bulk material (rocks, soil, etc.) delivered to your door step, ... errm backyard. Pricing for soil is about 20% of what you pay for packaged soil at the store. The catch? They charge $60 for delivery, so my 32 cubic feet come out to ~$96 delivered, vs. $76 if I get the cheapest soil they have in the store. Nice idea, but I don't need enough that this is worthwhile.

In the end I got only 18 cuft of garden soil, and Patricia picked up some awesome compost at one of the mushroom farms in Morgan Hill for free.


slacy said...

There are several garden supply stores that I believe will deliver by the truck/ton. In Mountain View, there's a place called "Mountain View Garden Supply" (I think) thats at the corner of 237 & El Camino just behind Allison BMW.

32 Cu. Ft. isn't that much, is it? You can buy mulch by the bag at Summer Winds (also behind Allison BMW).

Oh, and have you been to Common Grounds in Palo Alto? Thats a fun place. :)

Bernhard said...

We used Summerwinds before. The basic problem with bulk delivery is that 32cf is just not enough to make bulk economical. It seems break-even is somewhere around 50-60cf depending on material and what pricing you get.

I'll have to send Patricia to Common Grounds ... or maybe not :-)