Thursday, October 07, 2010

High Line Park

The Manhattan Highline is a former rail line that ran along the west side of Manhattan. It's a typical switching and delivery line, with the distinction that it ran three stories up from street level.

Today, sections of the High Line are becoming a city park. The bridges have been restored, and planted. There's a trail that runs along the former right of way.

What looks like nature taking over, is actually carefully arranged plantings. The Northern Spur bridge is a good example of a spur that leads directly into the 3rd level of a warehouse. Railroad cars used to be spotted inside the building through doors in the wall at the end of the bridge.

Tracks and trains often ran through buildings. The main High Line tracks lead through the red brick building on the right. The Northern Spur is set somewhat lower to the left, but going through the same building and then across the street.

During restauration, all tracks where removed. Later, they re-used the old rails, but installed new ties.

I like the radiant green of this grass here. The colors in the photo match the actual grass very closely.

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