Friday, April 20, 2012

Going for 600 kWh

Now that the sun is finally shining regularly, our PV solar system is busy producing electricity.

In December we topped out at about 10 kWh each day pretty consistently (it was mostly sunny, but cool), for a total of 290 kWh.

In March the total was 430 kWh with a very uneven distribution over the month. Some days saw production up to 20 kWh, some days barely broke 5 kWh.

This month we're already at 390 kWh hitting almost 25 kWh most days, and a third of the month still in front of us. If the weather holds up we could be topping 600 kWh in April.

Last year we produced 600 kWh per month from May to September, and while high energy production in the summer offset the costs of winter usage generating a net negative dollar amount, we didn't get a refund at true up time because we were not a net producer in terms of kWh. Oh well ...

Our inverter reports usage data to Solarcity's SolarGuard monitoring service. The highest grossing month was July 2008 when we produced almost 700 kWh in one month. Our PV system is composed of 22 180W DC panels for a rated peak AC capacity of 3.2kW.

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Bernhard Beck said...

We topped out at 585 kW in April. Mostly because of bad weather/cloud cover on April 25 and 26, which cut daily production in half.