Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More car spots in Talheim

Talheim had a fairly modest amount of car spots, mostly around the Werner & Soehne machine factory, the loading track at Kopper Furniture, and a couple team track spots. Both Werner and Kopper had a simple track arrangement with one turnout. Well, that's changing ...

It all started with admitting that the freight shed I built over the Christmas break just doesn't work very well in Emsingen. It's too small for the traffic, and amount of goods it would be supposed to store. I started looking for another location I could put it at. I needed a spot with a track, road access, and a purpose.

Thus the freight shed became an agricultural supply. The only available spot on the layout was at the end of the Kopper Furniture shelf.

I had a location and a purpose for the building, now I needed the tracks to get there. The simple track arrangement on the shelf became a bit more involved.

Experimental track arrangement around Kopper Furniture
Kopper Furniture continues to be a large operation and will be represented as a modern half-relief building against the backdrop. There will be 3 numbered doors to spot cars at.

The track next to the shed extends all the way into the corner of the room (after I took the photo I also extended the shelf into the corner). The track next to it is a team track, and doubles as access to the sawmill track in the back.

Finally, the stub track branching off the curve towards the wall will get a small loco shed for the resident switching engine in Talheim (maybe a Koef?)

All of this adds a bunch more freight car spots, and it opens up the possibility to originate a switching job out of Talheim, even exchange cars in Emsingen and return. I really need to get more locomotives operational now.

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