Monday, August 19, 2013

Emsingen station interior, part 4

And you thought I would let you off easy, did you ... ?

Just as I suspected, when I put a light bulb inside the station building and turned off the work bench lights, the building walls started to glow:

Yeah, that's really not cool. This is not a scene from a ghost story. The wall on the left got some thick sheet styrene on the inside, which helps, but isn't perfect. The wall on right is not fixed yet, neither is the door. 

The baggage / express freight room after installing a screen of black construction paper inside, which then gets covered up with a thin sheet of white styrene.

The station office.

And the fixed waiting room. The doors are impossible to fix properly at this stage. Before installation I should have painted them black on the inside to reduce the sheen. The wall on the right is covered with construction paper, the one on the left with just sheet styrene. Paper wins.

The last three photos are exposed for 3 secs with 5.6 aperture. I used an LED flash light to briefly light up the walls and simulate some moonlight. No digital editing done.

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