Sunday, August 04, 2013

Emsingen station interior

When I got to the step to install the interior paper mask of the Emsingen station building, I realized that all the first floor windows have "closed" grey curtains. Urgh. Not how I envisioned this. Over the last couple days I looked at dozens of floor plans of station buildings from around the late 1900's. Baden-Wuerttemberg's Staatsarchiv in Ludwigsburg is a treasure trove of such plans. A surprising number of plans is available on their Web site. While the navigation is sub-optimal, the information is awesome. 

Anyways, I learned that most small to medium stations typically have the following rooms on the ground floor level:
- Eingangs-/Schalterhalle (entry hall, ticket counter)
- Warteraum (waiting room, sometimes separate rooms for passengers travelling 1st or 2nd class)
- Gepa (Gepaeckaufgabe, i.e. luggage services)
- Dienstraum / Fahrdienstleiter, Stationsbuero (official railroad business rooms, typically the ticket counter would be on the wall between this room and the entry hall)
- Toiletten (rest rooms)

Depending on the building passengers access the platform through the waiting room, or a hallway from the entry hall.

Tonight I decided to try and build a waiting room.

The walls and floor are made from sheet styrene. The benches are survivors from my Dad's layout, as is the sign. The door in the corner is left-over from another kit. The floor is painted. I intentionally left the brush marks to make it look a bit more used. I added the vertical "wood beams" to give the walls a bit more structure.

The waiting room is in the left corner of the station building facing the operators. If I go through all this trouble at least I want to be able to see it, too.

View from the outside. It's subtle for now, though I think it'll look really nice once I add interior lighting, and add a few waiting passengers. By the way, this is the wall that was missing in the Testing pictures from last week.

Time to think about how to arrange the Dienstraum and Gepa.


Anonymous said...

Ich muss echt sagen dass ich das extrem beeindruckend finde. So eine Wartehalle selbst zu bauen wäre mir im Traum nicht eingefallen...

Das einzige was ich da vermisse ist einer dieser DB Fahrpläne. Der gehört da eigentlich auch noch rein.

Bernhard Beck said...

Fahrplan! Gute Idee.

Mal schauen, ob ich einen passenden Platz dafuer finde.