Saturday, January 11, 2014

Emsingen by night

You're all probably bored to death by my never-ending Emsingen postings. The boredom continues....

Here's a night shot as seen from the tracks.

 And an overview of town:

There are almost 30 tiny light-bulbs in this photo. I'm using a cheap 12VDC/ 1A power supply for now, and step down the voltage to just over 10V with a couple diodes in series. Eventually, I'll either run a 12VDC bus under the layout for lighting, or power this from the existing 16VAC bus and use a LM7812 voltage regulator.
When running at the full 750mA the diodes get quite warm, so I split the circuit in half and feed the halves through separate diodes. Here's a photo of the underside of town before I finished cleaning up cabling ...

...  the finished cabling doesn't look at whole lot better.

Next up is adding basic scenery in the front, some more weathering for the roads, and starting the backyard / fruit trees scenes on the right.

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Anonymous said...

I gotta say this is really impressive. Great work happens in Emsingen :)