Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. 

It's still quiet in Emsingen shortly before midnight. But in a couple minutes there will be fireworks.
Today I added lights to new town and just test wired the bulbs together to figure out the right voltage. The bulbs are Micromark's grain of rice 12V/30ma. The photo was taken with the transformer set to 10 Volts. Looks good to me.
The street light is from Viessmann. I have a few more of those to be used around town.

I'm surprised that there's almost no light leakage under the buildings. They are standing loosely at their place. It definitely helps to raise the bulbs to about the middle of the buildings:

As can be seen in this photo I also painted and weathered the sidewalk helped by some bubbles. There are a few minor things left to do here before moving over to old town and installing lights over there.

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