Sunday, January 12, 2014

Work in progress

Today I finished building curbs, weathered the roads a bit, built retaining and safety walls, and put a first layer of grass down.

The curbs are made from Evergreen 0.040 x 0.060 styrene strips. They match the sidewalk height and are easy to bend. I attached them with plain Painter's Calk, which is very tacky and it's easy to keep things in place when positioning 10 inches of curb along the street. Since we're inside a town, I put curbs everywhere when there's no sidewalk. The weathering of the road is a bit overdone, but it looks worse in the photo than for real.

For the grass I painted the ground with my standard earth color and sprinkled fine Woodland Scenic turf into the wet paint. Once that is dry, I'll vacuum off all loose bits, and follow up with matte medium and a helping of static grass to match the area below Steinle.

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