Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dirt, Sand, Gras around Emsingen Lokstation

The Lokstation in Emsingen is on the bench. Yesterday, I installed the lights, today I turned my attention to scenery.

I tried out a different technique for the ground around the turntable. I wanted a somewhat unkept, muddy appearance.

Here's what I did: Brush thinned white glue on the painted base board. Sprinkle fine, real dirt from the back yard into the glue. Then stipple more glue into the dirt. This produces a mud-like appearance. In fact it is real mud. Next, I sprinkled various colors of fine turf into the wet mud. I deliberately tried to create make this very uneven. I finished off with the same grass fibers I used elsewhere on the layout to tie together colors, add body and texture.

Here's a close-up of the mud. The tracks will get some light ballast next.

Updated (12/15/2014):

Step by Step in pictures ...

Brush glue on the base board. I use Matte Medium from Scenic Express.

Using an old spoon sprinkle on sifted dirt from the garden. The more dirt, the muddier it will become.

Now comes the fun part: Using an old brush, stipple more glue into the dirt and make puddles of mud.

Sprinkle on some fine ground foam for more body. Here I used Woodland Scenics Yellow Grass, Burnt Grass, and some Medium Green.

Using the Grassinator add the grass fibers to taste. I'm using Scenic Express "Late Summer".

Done. Total elapsed time: 10 minutes, including covering up the roundhouse, which took about half the time.

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