Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Emsingen at Night

Ueb 97 836 returns late from Talheim. Engine 211 082-3 doesn't have much work with the single box car in tow.
Meanwhile, 89 006 is dropping ashes in the Lokstation in the background.

89 006 is one of the ubiquitous Maerklin Nr. 3000 C-couplers (0-6-0 in US parlance), not converted to digitial operation yet (if ever).
211 082-3, a light diesel engine type, is Roco Nr. 68960. Those engines were a common sight for many years on secondary lines in Germany. Hard to see in this photo, I still prefer the original purpur-red livery over the more recent beige/blue, or even DB AG's bright red.

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