Friday, December 26, 2014

Some more papermill work

Down at the club tonight, I started out with working on the south turnout, but then quickly turned my attention to the north yard ladder when Dave pointed out that my nicely arranged and spiked down turnouts don't actually meet the SVL standard of 2 inches separation between track center lines. Oooops.

A little while later I had fitted a short spacer-piece and went on to drill the hole for the throw bar. Only to discover that it was right above a cross-member of the bench work. Oooops.

Attempt number 3 resulted in a usable turnout with the right track spacing. Here's the view with the first storage track spiked down.

I put down some paint on the ramp I built last time and let it dry while I messed around with the turnouts on the north-side. Superintendent MikeF declared the south turnout installation to be acceptable for the main line, so I went ahead and soldered the turnout in place, added the frog wire (still need to work on doing this in a way that doesn't melt as much plastic), and fitted the track down the ramp into the paper mill complex.

By that time it was getting late, and I decided to call it a night. Before I left, I laid out a few track pieces to get the look and feel of the track work. In the distance one can make out the nice track work Jeff put into North Hallelujah.

Looking north over the paper mill complex.

Looking south over the wood yard

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