Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Plain grass areas is boring (compare to the state from 10 days ago), and not prototypical for the Black Forest anyways. There are lots of trees, large and small bushes, as well as other weeds and stuff.

Yesterday evening I set out to add some more bushes to the layout. The large bush near the coaling area started out as a disaster. The colors of these JTT clumps are way too aggressive for my setup. I toned them down by sprinkling on Woodland Scenics medium green fine turf, surround them with medium green Scenic Express Super Turf, add some Super Turf on top for good measure and lightly sprinkly with some WS light green fine turf.

I really like the Scenic Express Super Turf. The color of the light green variant is too aggressive, but medium green is great. Using a light dusting of various WS fine turf allows for subtle variation in color. The bushes behind the bumpers on the left are made from Woodland Scenics clumps topped with Super Turf and a light dusting of fine flock.

The tree is made from a Scenic Express Supertree armature, flocked with coarse Woodland Scenic medium green foam, colored with green and moss spray paint, and finished with a light dusting of yellow to simulate sun light in the tree.

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