Friday, January 16, 2015

Operating at Silicon Valley Lines

Since various visitors were in town for the 100th show of Model Rail Radio, at this month's Silicon Valley Lines Ops session I got to operate a couple trains instead of doing my usual assignment to run Nowheres Yard. This Ops session was set in the transition era, so various trains ran with steam engines, as well as early diesels.

Balazs is running Nowheres Yard and I get to run a steam train for a change
Here we see train #102, the southbound ice bunker reefer leaving Nowheres Yard, after having switched out and picked up several cars at the PFE Exchange. 

#102 at speed through Mt. Marvel
The ice bunker reefers are high priority trains on the layout, so most other trains have to get out of the way. I love the station building in Mt. Marvel.

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