Monday, January 19, 2015

Introduction to the Welztalbahn: The Layout

This is part 2 of the Introduction to the Welztalbahn, part 1 can be found here

Linear arrangement of the Welztalbahn
The visible portion of the layout (shown in black above) models Talheim on the middle level and Emsingen on the upper level. Lower level Staging represents Freiburg, Hausach and points beyond. There is a staging loop on the middle level that represents the branch line to Prechtal.
Spatial arrangement of the Welztalbahn
The layout is located in a 8x9ft room and built in three levels connected by ramps. Vertical separation between levels is about 4.5 inches. The lowest level is entirely staging and represents Freiburg and Hausach as the southern and northern ends of the line, as well as points beyond.

Main staging is double-ended and is used for trains that make multiple appearances during a session (mostly local/through passenger service and some unit freight trains). Stub-ended Aux staging on the right is used for trains that make one appearance during the session (local freights). At this time there are no predetermined staging tracks for specific locations or trains. Aux staging is fairly accessible and can partially be used as fiddle yard. Main staging is harder to reach. Staging is accessed via a double-tracked ramp along the back wall.

Talheim has two main industries: Werner & Soehne (machine factory) and Kopper Moebel (furniture factory), as well as a team track, a saw mill track, and an agricultural supply warehouse.

Emsingen has multiple sidings, a small yard, and engine facilities. The engine facilities stem from the early days of the line when many trains needed helper service over the grade to Hausach. Today it services the engines of the branch line, and is home to the local switcher. The turntable is occasionally used to turn the locomotive of passenger locals from Freiburg.

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