Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Physics Show at Foothill College

The Physics Show is a regular (and popular) staple at Foothill College. We got tickets and today we learned about electricity, magnetic fields, Faraday, atoms, electric charges, conductivity, temperature, and pressure.

The show was very well done, most of the experiments worked, but -- not surprisingly -- the presenters had a bit of trouble when they were trying to demonstrate electric charge on this relatively humid day.

Hey look, you can make electric arcs yellow by coating the copper rods with salt.
The definite crowd pleasers were the air-pressure driven T-Shirt cannon ...

... and shattering a cinder block with a sledge hammer ... on top of a human ... who is sandwiched between two nail boards.

Lots of very educational fun designed to make children (and adults) curious to learn more about Physics. It worked for us.

Shows with new content typically debut in January. Get there early (>30 minutes before show time) to get in line and score front row seats.
There are still tickets available for one show tomorrow morning.

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