Friday, February 26, 2016

Assistant Yardmaster

As I was getting ready to leave for tonight's operating session at Silicon Valley Lines, I asked Franziska whether she wants to come along and run trains. "Uhm, ... sure". Surprise! Are you sure? It's likely going to get late? "Yes, I'm OK with that." I'm Nowheres Yardmaster, contrary to last time we're going to work in the yard, and get trains ready for the other operators. "Yes, that sounds good".

Franziska gets train 373 ready for northbound departure
Alrighty then, she came along and we had a great time. She got to see the ebb and flow of trains in the yard. The times when nothing is happening, and the times when multiple trains are meeting and it's mayhem for a little while with cars being switched between trains. She picked up the phone when trains or dispatch called in to the yard. She ran the yard switcher, and over the course of the evening became more and more confident and independent. When I initially showed her every move and which button to press on the yard panel, by the end of the evening I could assign her tasks and train movements, and she completed them by herself.

Tired, but proud of her work and accomplishments
Maybe there is another model railroader growing in the family?

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