Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hallelujah Papermill: More Building Work

The paper making building got a coat of color and some light weathering today. I used Tamiya primer and spray paints. It turns out they work reasonably well with the foamboard and cause no distortion of the foam. For weathering I tried to dirty up the foundation a bit, and get rain streaks on the building wall. I overdid it a little bit along the bottom edge, but I'm really happy with the streaking along the roof line.

In parallel, I started work on the Hallelujah Paper Cogeneration Facility. This is the well-known Walthers Northern Light & Power kit, which I put together with no modifications (yet). I will try to leave the roof removable for future installation of lights.

Painting the walls follows my usual brick recipe (Pollyscale Maroon Red, followed with a wash of earth color paint for the mortar lines). I chose Pollyscale Mud for the mortar and also the cornices, which came out quite nicely. The loading door and roof details are painted with Scalecoat II Graphite & Oil spray paint, the windows are Modelmaster Light Sea Grey.
Since I don't like Walthers' approach of merely painting a flat section of the kit to represent the foundation, I'm planning to fit a wider foundation made from Styrene sheets around the bottom edge of the building.
Also, if you look closely, you'll notice I put in the separating wall backwards. Ooops. This is no longer fixable, so it'll stay as is.

There's a Walthers overloading crane somewhere under layout. I'll adapt it to fit inside the generator hall of the building, and am still thinking about what to do about boiler and generators...

Overall, this was a very productive weekend, and I got a few other things done, too.

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