Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Best of Yellowstone Animals

We took a lot of animal photos during our Yellowstone trip. Here's a selection of the better ones. Yes, it is a good idea to bring a tripod, and when I go again, I will do that.

We encountered this Grizzly mom with her cub one morning along Dunraven Road, just before Dunraven Pass.

We saw bisons on the street every time we were on the road early in the day.

Nice shots of deers were rare.

The tricky part with photographing bison is -- just as with steam locomotives -- the contrast of the dark animal to its surroundings. The morning sun helped tremendously in this photo.

Just as with deers, we rarely got close enough to elks to get a really nice picture.

Whereas bison are everywhere, here at Sour Lake near Mud Vulcano. 

On one day Hayden Valley was full of bison. We counted at least 200 animals. The next day we saw only a couple here and there.

A group of Trumpeteer Swan could always be found on the Yellowstone River at Alum Creek.

Canada Geese, too.

Elk herd at dusk at Alum Creek.

Here's an example why binoculars and a tripod are really helpful when visiting Yellowstone. Most of the time the action is a little bit further away, like the Bald Eagle on the tree branches down by the river, and the Elk herd in the background.

We did see a wolf, but she was so far away that she's only a shaky speck in the photo ... tripod ... long lens ... helpful ... just sayin' ...

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