Sunday, July 10, 2016

SVL S4 ready for operations

For now I'm done with the S4 switchers for Silicon Valley Lines and will take them down to the club for inspection and approval to run on the club layout.
I used Pan Pastels to give the units a tad of weathering, but found that Testor's Dullcote reacts with the pastels and tones them down dramatically when applied at full strength. Light overspray results in visible blobs when looking closely. The rattle can also has a tendency to "spit", and I now have a fat blob of Dullcote on one of the engine hoods with does not make me happy at all. I had good results with Dullcote so far, but in the future I will use an airbrush to get a finer, more consistent spray.

The weathering on the greens and the trucks is much less visible than on the yellows. After re-reviewing prototype photos on, I noticed that the sides of these units tend to be cleaner than I had them, so I ended up toning everything down a bit.

Below are some more in-progress shots.

The front unit has its first round of weathering applied, the rear unit is still untouched.
Both units weathered. Time for Dullcote to mess it all up.

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