Sunday, January 08, 2017

Catching up

With all the rain this weekend, I spent quite a bit of time in the train room working with JMRI and my custom scripting to update the automated running machinery. I originally wanted to integrate with the newish dispatcher functionality built into the newer JMRI versions, but eventually gave up and just tweaked the script I've been using since JMRI 2.x days. My layout panel needs work to function properly with the Dispatcher module. JMRI on the layout computer needs updating, which implies updating Java, which implies updating Ubuntu, which in combination implies a giant time sink I didn't plan for. I will do that eventually, but not now.

The scripting for automatic running is working properly now with 5 trains for some diversity, including opposing traffic on the single track main line.

The platform lights in Emsingen are now powered up. I need to add some passengers, plus workmen at the freight shed, and then the scene is mostly done.

I really like the perspective and angle of the photo above, but the limits of the smart phone camera are painfully obvious. Taking proper night shots of the layout with the digital SLR camera remains on the to-do list.

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