Monday, January 02, 2017

Cleaning Train

I'm prepping for an update of my automated running script, which requires that all track used by automated trains is serviced and working well. The Welztalbahn hasn't run for quite a while and especially the M-track in staging had issues with dirt, dust, and a bit corrosion. In the past WD-40 has always been useful in helping to resolve these. This time around I gave my Centerline cleaning car a workout too.

The cleaning train is pulled by 151 104 (Maerklin 3058), a very heavy 6-axle locomotive with powerful motor, excellent traction and power pickup.

I weighed down the rear of the Centerline car to reduce the likelihood of the rear truck climbing up over the rails at turnouts that are thrown against the train, as is common in my staging tracks. Regular cars don't have any issues with this, but the cleaning roller is putting enough strain on the car that every bit helps to keep it on the rails.

Bringing up the rear is a container flat car with two Noch "Reinigungszwerge" cleaning pads.

I soak the roller of the cleaning car in 70% isopropyl alcohol. The roller is usually rubbing over the top of the rails and not rolling very much (that's good and intentional). The Noch cleaning pads provide some extra rubbing and pick up the alcohol. After a few rounds, the track is squeaky clean.

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