Saturday, January 14, 2017


The script for automated running successfully completed a 2 hour run today with no accidents and no derailments. I call that good enough. A few mechanical issues were found along the way as expected and mostly taken care of on the spot.

While trains were running I played with various building arrangements for Werner & Soehne. I decided pretty quickly that rectangular building shapes are not going to cut it here (contrary to earlier plans), so a more substantial kitbash of the well-known Kibri factory will be needed to fill the triangle between the two tracks serving the factory. The short wall on the right will be reduced to only two columns so that the building can slide closer to the turnout. The cut-off column will be used to fill the gap between the other short wall and the administration tower.
The large loading ramp will move from the rear to the aisle side of the building giving me an opportunity for lots of detailing work at some point in the future.

I'll keep the coal dump at the end of the rear track and kit bash the second building as half-relief from DPM parts and some parts from Faller's B-159 "Lokwerkstatt" kit, which has been sitting on a shelf for the last 25+ years.

On the other side of the aisle I did the fourth revision of the track arrangement on this shelf. Kibri's kit of the Herrenberg agricultural supply building seems a bit underscale, especially the silo tower. It should be quite straight-forward to make it a bit taller...

I like this new track arrangement. I flows better than earlier versions and the silo tower draws the eye away from the background.

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