Friday, February 03, 2017

215 117-3 (ESU 31018)

Today I got to play with the latest addition to the Welztalbahn locomotive fleet: ESU's beautiful model of class 215. As a relatively new entry on the locomotive market ESU is taking the high road the same way BRAWA does: Very well done models with lots of fine details, excellent sound effects, and tricked out with electronics.

The locomotive is marketed as a DC / AC model, so of course I had to take it to Silicon Valley Lines and try out how well that works. Maerklin's pickup shoe is removable and the locomotive just worked on the DCC layout. The photo above was taken at Silicon Valley Lines. The wheel flanges are a tad too high for the Code 83 turnouts used at SVL and the engine lolloped through the turnouts. Otherwise it ran just fine.

As usual the overall sound settings are too loud, but the engine and brake sounds are very realistic. In addition, the squeal effect when the locomotive navigates tight curves is very well done. In combination with the ESU Powerpack it's a delight to see and hear the locomotive navigate complicated track work. Lots of fun, too, to take the engine off the rails and carry it across the aisle while the engine sounds putter on.

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