Monday, February 20, 2017

Emsingen Railroad Crossing (Part 1)

The railroad crossing at the north end of Emsingen station has been in an unfinished state for a couple years. Now that the Open House is behind me I started to work on finishing the last major unfinished corner of the Emsingen station area.

I had cut paper templates for the road by laying a sheet of paper over the tracks, transfer the shape of the rails with a pencil, and cut out the road for a nice fit. I wanted to try another way to build a road, and transferred the templates to thin styrene sheets to become the road surface.

Next I traced the continuation of the road past the freight area and paid special attention to avoid kinks, which is why there's a wider arc than the original markings.

I glued down cork pieces and dressed up the sides to elevate the road surface a bit over the surrounding area.

The gaps in the tracks were filled with styrene strips and putty to work around the center point contacts. Bad idea. It's very difficult to make a smooth surface. I wanted to work around the center point contacts because of the curved tracks. After having done that, I think it's still easier to fill in the tracks completely with either putty or styrene and run a stiff wire for the center rail contact.

While at it, I also painted the surrounding area with my base dirt color.

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