Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dave Park's Cumberland West

I had the opportunity to operate on David Park's fantastic Cumberland West layout, which packs scenes from the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) and the Western Maryland (WM) railroads around Cumberland, Maryland into a busy rendition of railroading in the year 1953.

Both railroads have plenty of bridge traffic, online industries, coal mines, and passenger runs.

Operations is busy and the crew is having fun (from left Sam R., Bryn E., Charlie B., Steve W. and Dick Z.)

Manifest freights use car cards for car forwarding, while coal is routed with multi-car orders (Dick Z., and Michael M.)

I very much enjoyed myself, chatting with others while waiting for a train, or clearance.
David is a gracious host and a wealth of information about the prototypes he is modeling, as well as many aspects of model railroad design, operations, and layout electronics.

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