Friday, October 26, 2018

Fitting the conveyors

Yep. This is what I had in mind.

Building the lower base housing will be interesting. Towards the aisle I need to give the impression that the housing and its support structure extend all the way to the ground behind the warehouse. However, it needs to be built so that the club can use the semi-hidden track along the backdrop without any clearance issues.
The upper part will be made from corrugated styrene sheet, while the support structure will likely be a combination of styrene sheet, H-beams of various sizes, and possibly some material from the tall support towers.

The upper end of the conveyor will go into a similar housing to hide the end. The modifications I made two weeks ago work well. The conveyor sits lower on the digester, which helps with slope, and appears to connect to it. This will look better after I file the respective beam ends to the right angle.

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