Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Gate G99. Impossible to take a decent photo of the plane you're going to fly in due to airport window coating. LH 455 is boarding already. I was supposed to fly from SJC today. However, Lufthansa decided that having three flights from Germany to the US West Coast is not economical and canceled the San Jose flights as of October 27. Really a bummer. I enjoyed that flight.

As usual for long distance flights at SFO, we're taking off to the West and circle around San Francisco, over the Marin Headlands and on to Sacramento, the Sierras, and north-east to the Rocky Mountains.

Pacific Coast looking south towards Pacifica
It starts to get dark as we enter Canadian air space and I manage to catch a couple hours of sleep.

Engines back-lit by the setting sun
We took a rather southern route this time and didn't even get close to the tip of Greenland. The sun came up as we are somewhere south-west of Iceland.

Good Morning!
Final approach into Frankfurt after a S-curve that took us first flying west along the Rhine west of Wiesbaden with a wide left turn over Rheinland-Pfalz and landing at FRA from the West.

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