Saturday, October 13, 2018

Papermill Conveyors

The long conveyor needs to be shortened by about an inch. A cut-off disk in the Dremel made this easy enough. While cutting, the roof popped off with a bang. ... Oh, right, I glued it on in only a couple spots to make it easier to remove. That approach clearly worked well, but not as I had intended...

Mission accomplished. I cut the conveyor end so that the support structure connects to the digester side and the belt meets the digester slightly above the top.

For the lower end of the conveyor, I built a mockup from paper with some styrene reinforcement. Time for the next test fitting at the club.

With that out of the way, I turned my attention back to the smaller conveyor units. The plan is to use them around the rotary dumper to transport wood chips to piles that will be represented only on the background. Typically these conveyors would have a covered top. I decided to assume some bracing structure that would carry a corrugated metal roof, and low profile metal sheeting for the sides.

The sides are Evergreen 0.020 x 0.250" strip styrene. The top is Evergreen's 4526 0.040" metal siding. I bent the siding lengthwise over a wooden curtain rod, and heated it with a hair dryer. I contemplated bending it harder to get a tighter arc, but this worked out sufficiently well. The thickness of the styrene sheet is visible to the side. I might grind this down a bit if I can't hide it with color.

Here are the three pieces with their covers. I cut the roofs a little bit too short and will add an external cross brace to hide that. Next stop: Paint booth.

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