Sunday, February 03, 2019

Module 1: Terraforming (2)

I again used the basket rasp to shape the pink foam and Scuptamold to blend it together, followed by sandpaper to even out the edges. The photo below was taken when the Scuptamold was still wet.

I wanted to airbrush the track in Modelmaster Leather, but the little bit I had left in the tin was way too thick and dried up to go through the air brush, so I used Vallejo Model Air Mahagony, followed by a tint of Iawata Soft Dirt to lighten up the brown a bit. It came out ok, but took way too much effort to get there.

While at it, I painted the module top earth-brown.

Tonight I started to ballast the track. The center studs are more visible than I'd like, but let's see what it looks like when I'm all done.

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