Saturday, February 23, 2019

Roller Stand Case

I have a roller stand from KPF Zeller that I really like. It's simple, functional, and reasonably cheap. However, it doesn't come with a case. So I built one tonight from 5mm MDF.

It was important to me that the case fully surrounds the roller stand, is sturdy yet easy to open, and provides easy access to the wheels of a locomotive under test. My solution is to have a hinged lid that includes one of the side walls.

I primed the MDF and then drilled holes for 4mm banana plug sockets on one end and

I have the long version of the roller stand, and a couple extra rollers. This is long enough so that I can test an EMU or DMU without having to separate the units, and I have enough rollers to support Maerklin's BR53. To limit vibrations I glued pieces of foam rubber into the case and then glued the roller stand to the rubber.

I still need to get appropriate hinges and some kind of clasp for the lid.

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