Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Slim Staging: A staging yard for the Welztalbahn Extension

The slim staging yard is 10 inches / 25 cm wide and 98 inches / 248 cm long. The 4 tracks are all long enough to comfortably hold a regular length train for the Welztalbahn (130 cm) with room to spare for the occasional extra-long Staging to Staging train. The left hand side will be built with a shortened Fremo-Puko F96 faceplate, so that two of the three standard holes fit the box.

There are two locomotive tracks on the left-hand side. The staging yard will be operated like a terminal station with trains running locomotive first into the storage tracks. Cars will be taken over by a waiting locomotive and form a new outbound train. Once that train has left, the original locomotive will move to the engine track to take over the next train. I'm planning an elevated road crossing the tracks at an angle as a view block separating the layout from staging.

Tonight I tested the track arrangement on the first of the two 4 foot boxes that will make up the yard. There will be protective barriers along the long sides to prevent equipment from falling to the floor. I added a mockup of the road, too.

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