Sunday, October 27, 2019

Welztalbahn Operations Session 14

I put on an ops session on the Welztalbahn today because Balazs was visiting the Bay Area this weekend, and Dakota is still here. With the extension, and the recent schedule changes, I was really curious whether a session could keep 3 operators busy at a leisurely pace. It did, but the leisure was unevenly distributed. Dakota had his hands full in Emsingen, Balazs was busy in Talheim and running the hidden staging yard, while I mostly took care of trains to the extension in the garage.

With a 1:3 fast clock and a couple times, when the clock was stopped, we completed the whole schedule in slightly over 3 hours.

Along the way we also tried out FREMO-style train announcements to notify neighboring stations about upcoming trains. Of course, on a small layout like the Welztalbahn this is overkill. However, it did extend time, and produced a log of what trains ran where. Definitely created a different operations feeling.

This was a fun evening, I should do this more often ...

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