Sunday, November 24, 2019


Another early morning flight with even earlier wake-up time. A 6:00am departure implies getting up at 2:30am. At least there was no traffic through Stuttgart city center, and it was a smooth Taxi ride on this Sunday morning.

Contrary to Stuttgart it's very foggy in Paris. Planes parked at the terminals are barely visible through the fog.

It's wet and cold, but the walk to Terminal 2G isn't far.

20 minutes later I arrived at the gate in the cavernous Terminal 2E for the connecting flight to San Francisco. Not many people waiting for this flight yet ....

AF84 is ready for boarding.

After a long flight with some activities -- more about those some other time -- we arrive at SFO a few minutes early. Now I just need to last to evening before I can fall into bed.

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Elvis said...

Beim Lesen konnte ich dir gut nachfühlen. Zuerst der Nebel und dann die Aktivitis. Dabei wirkt schon mal nach.

Dafür sieht es bei euch sieht herrlich warm aus :-)