Sunday, November 10, 2019


Hanging out at the airport with coffee and baked goods. The plane is here, with a planned flight time of 10 hours, 20 minutes faster than scheduled. This trip has a very short layover in Paris, so getting to Paris early increases my chances of making the connection (contrary to last time, or the other time). Let's see how it is going to work out this time.

A last look to the coast ...

... and 10 hours later, we arrived to miserable weather in Paris. The front facing camera of the plane did not line up with the runway centerline until after touchdown. I guess there were significant crosswinds the pilot had to compensate for.

We arrived early enough that I made the transfer to the Stuttgart flight with 10 minutes to spare. Still raining as we boarded. This time I got my wish, and the open air experience.

We left the rain behind in France and even had some sunshine upon arrival in Stuttgart. Same perspective as almost two years ago, still with day light.

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