Saturday, January 25, 2020

PCR SIG weekend - Saturday

The last weekend of January is time for the SIG meet, for the special interest groups focused on operations and layout design. The event rotates through locations in the wider SF Bay Area. This year it was Sacramento's turn. I got up early on this Saturday morning and drove to Sacramento to arrive at the California State Railroad Museum just in time for the first presentation.

As in previous years, the program was a good mix of talks about layout design, prototype information and how to apply it to your model railroad, and spicing up operations. During the long lunch break my group explored the museum.

Engine No. 2467, 4466, and 21 were parked outside in the train shed.

I've been at the museum a few times now, but it always draws me in. The presentation of railroads in California is done so well.

Engine 4294, the only surviving cab-forward of the Southern Pacific always draws a crowd, due to it's size and massive appearance.

Here'e the tender. A museum visitor on the left gives a good idea about the size of this thing.

The Great Northern Railway Post Office car (RPO) is very interesting.

This car served in RPO service barely 15 years before the US Postal Service pulled the mail contract with the railroads in 1967. The car was locked up and stored in rail yards for years before it came to the CSRM. While the outside got a new paint job, the interior is all original.

Talks continued in the afternoon, here's the tail end of Tony Thompson's presentation.

As usual the program concluded with a panel discussion. This time participants talked about the origins of this meet, how it came about, shared anecdotes, and discussed what this meet means to them. TSG Multimedia live-streamed the discussion on Youtube.

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