Sunday, January 12, 2020

Slim Staging: Control Panel (2)

It sounded like such a good idea... Mask the push-button switches with tape, take the finished panel outside, spray it with clear coat, let it dry and I'm done. ... I did not consider that the clear coat would potentially creep under the masking tape into the switch housing and gum up the mechanics. Mineral spirits makes it work again, but only while wet. Since these are my last 6 push-button switches of this particular style, I decided to dump the two gummed up switches, salvage the other four, and replace all of them with the more common barrel-style push button switches from my supply cabinet.

Had I made the panel removable from the housing instead of gluing everything in place, this would have been a much easier task. At least I didn't burn my fingers with the soldering iron, so I call that a win.

All done. The buttons don't line up as neatly as the other style, but in reality it doesn't look nearly as messy as on the photo below.

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